Extruded polysteren-Easy Step

XPS extruded polystyrene

Zentyss-Easy Step

Zentyss Easy Step extruded polystyrene boards for thermal and acoustic insulation are the first step towards creating a warm and comfortable living space in
any home. You can also create your own decorations and finishing elements for facades and interiors to individualize your home.


Zentyss Easy Step extruded polystyrene boards are used as insulation in floor structures with floating elements made of laminate flooring / wood flooring / floors, etc.

  • diminishes the impact noise and the noise produced by the movement of people
  • take over the non-uniformities (unevenness) of the screed
  • thermally insulates – eliminates the creation of thermal bridges
  • they have high resistance to compression and moisture
  • they have high resistance to fungi and bacteria
  • they are light, elastic and flexible
  • it is easy to process (cut with a cutter or knife), it is easy to install
Technical information
  • conformity: SR EN 13164 + A1: 2015
  • dimensions: 500 x 1000 mm, thickness: 3 and 6 mm
  • compressive strength: 1 00 kPa
  • thermal conductivity: 0.028 W / m2 ° K
  • water absorption: WL (T) <0.7%
  • take over the unevenness of the floor surface
    – 3 mm plates take up bumps up to 2 mm
    – 6 mm boards take up unevenness up to 4 mm
  • use limit temperatures: -50 ° C …. + 70 ° C
Ecological aspects

The boards are environmentally friendly, have no impact on the environment (are not biodegradable) and are 100% recyclable. During installation and operation
no harmful emissions to humans.

  • packs of 10 plates, in polyethylene foil
  • package dimensions: 500 x 1000 mm,
  •  thickness: 3 and 6 mm
  • covered area: 5 sqm