Expanded polyethylene foil-EPE

Expanded polyethylene foil


Zentyss EPE expanded polyethylene film – is a spongy material (a foam), with a cellular structure equal to closure, which can provide unique physical, mechanical, thermal and acoustic properties.


  -Zentyss EPE expanded polyethylene rolls can be used indoors but also outdoors, with conditions to be completely protected from the action of sunlight.
  -We recommend Zentyss EPE expanded polyethylene film as an insulating substrate
soundproofing in structures with floating floors with increased insulation requirements
acoustic on impact.
   -As a substrate, Zentyss EPE foil maintains the optimal microclimate between the base and
floor – an optimal balance of temperature and humidity for the parquet
laminate / classic parquet / flooring.

  • good sound and thermal insulator
  • resistant
  • easy
  • elastic
  • impermeable to gases and vapors
Technical information
  • dimensions: width – 1.1 m, thickness: 3 and 5 mm
  • material – LDPE
  • thermal conductivity: 0.037 W / m2 ° K at a density of 33 kg / m3
  • takes over the unevenness of the floor surface
    – at a thickness of 3 mm they take up unevenness up to 2 mm
    – at a thickness of 5 mm they take up unevenness up to 3 mm
  • use limit temperatures: -50 ° C + 70 ° C
Ecological aspects
  • Ecological material, odorless, tasteless, does not absorb water, non-toxic, non-polluting,
  • 100% recyclable.
  • No harmful emissions to humans or the environment occur during installation and operation
  • roll width – 1.1 m
  • roll length – 25 m
  • covered area: 25 sqm